Pressure Washing Lakewood IL

Summer is fast approaching in Lakewood, IL, and with summer comes a list of all the outdoor chores you have to complete before the winter hits; one of the main items on the list is usually pressure washing and roof cleaning. Do you dread breaking out the pressure washer or digging through your garage for a ladder to climb up on the roof every summer? We don’t blame you! Try out Clearchoice Services this summer for a change of pace. We offer pressure washing and roof cleaning services in the Lakewood, IL area. You won’t be disappointed when you choose Clearchoice Services this summer.

Top-Rated Power Washing Services in Lakewood

Our power washing services are the best around. Our highly skilled technicians use a soft-wash approach to permeate stubborn stains and tough dirt spots that have been caked on by years of sun exposure. The soft-wash approach ensures that your siding remains intact during your power washing service. Did you know homeowners that don’t regularly power wash their home may have to pay for it later on? By that we mean years of dirt, mold, algae and stains can cause your siding to rot leading to costly repairs. We encourage all Lakewood IL residents to call us today and schedule a power washing service to prevent costly repairs in the future. We also provide top-rated gutter cleaning

pressure washing lakewood il

Expert Power Washing Lakewood IL Residents Trust

In addition to our house washing services, we offer our Lakewood, IL customers the option to add a roof cleaning service. Our roof cleaning service is designed to gently free your shingles from tough dirt and algae, and increase the lifetime of your roof. Don’t let moss and algae compromise the structural integrity of your home. Our roof cleaning pressures are standing by to assist Lakewood, IL residents with scheduling a roof cleaning service today. Don’t spend hours up on your roof this summer only to come away with damaged shingles. Let the professionals at Clearchoice Services handle the roof cleaning.

We Also Offer House Washing & Roof Cleaning in Lakewood

We proudly serve our friends and neighbors in Lakewood, IL. Lakewood, IL is located in McHenry County Illinois, and is home to two golf courses, countless natural areas, and wetlands. With Chicago only 57 miles away, Lakewood residents experience the art and culture from Chicago, while maintaining a small-town feel. Lakewood IL residents spend their summers at one of the many parks and beaches; 3,050 people call Lakewood, IL home.  Lakewood has about 650 acres of open space and 6 lakes, including the Kishwaukee Fen Nature Preserve.

Call Today for a Professional Pressure Washing Company in Lakewood IL

Clearchoice Services is a family-owned and operated power washing and roof cleaning service. We are the best choice for all your power washing and roof cleaning needs. We take pride in offering a service that our customers are proud to tell their friends about, that’s why we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed house washing and roof cleaning services. Without our friends and neighbors in Lakewood, IL we wouldn’t be able to do what we do best: power washing and roof cleaning. Call us today and one of our experienced technicians will assess your home and provide a detailed pressure washing and roof cleaning service designed to meet all your needs and keep your home’s exterior in tip-top shape.