Home Watch Service

When you are away from your home for an extended period, we understand that you want peace of mind knowing that someone is keeping an eye on your property. Whether you are seeking to escape the cold during the winter months or you’re away on business or vacation, we’re proud to offer home watch services.

We’ll perform an interior and exterior assessment of your property as often as requested to make sure your property is safe and unharmed while you’re away.

Services may include:

  • Points of entry – checking windows and doors are locked and secure to make sure there aren’t any vulnerabilities to minimize the chance of break-ins.
  • Check plumbing for water leaks, frozen or damaged pipes.
  • Check for storm damage or flooding.
  • Visual inspections for signs of mold and mildew, insects and or rodents.
  • Check main water valve, electrical panel for tripped breakers, function of the furnace/heater or air conditioner and other appliances (as requested by client).
  • Visual inspection throughout property including the yard and garage.
  • Walk exterior perimeter of your property to check the condition of window screens, signs of vandalism, etc.
  • We can provide an update after each home visit and will report any damage or urgent matters as soon as possible.

We are happy to provide a free estimate over the phone or an “in person” bid for our home watch services. We’ll discuss our assessment process and can answer and address any questions and concerns you may have about our services. The frequency of our visits are completely up to you. We’re here to provide you peace of mind while you’re away from your home. Call the professionals at Clearchoice Services today – we’re here to help.

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