Emricson Park

Emricson Park is a beautiful park and recreation area that provides plenty of things to do. The paved walking trail is a great place to walk or run, and there are other facilities as well, including a sand volleyball court and baseball diamond. This park also hosts events and offers to park. Read on for some ideas.

What to Expect

Woodstock IL has a lot to offer visitors, and Emricson Park is one of the best places to enjoy it. The city’s main community park is a mile or so west of the town square and offers first-class amenities for a range of sports.

It has a public outdoor pool (the north end) and playgrounds for children of all ages, with paved walking trails and play structures along with lots of picnic tables and pavilions. There is also a baseball diamond and an area for sand volleyball.

During the summer, this is one of the area’s most popular attractions. All Seasons Orchard, a family farm near the north end of Emricson Park, has a variety of fruits and vegetables growing throughout the year.

In the winter, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing is also fun. New for 2022, the city will clear snow from 1.65 miles of Emricson Park’s recreation path.


Located in the heart of Woodstock, this hotel is close to the city’s main attractions and offers free WiFi, a casino, and an indoor pool. It also boasts a restaurant and bar.

The park itself offers a number of amenities such as a paved walking path, play structures, a sand volleyball court, and a baseball diamond. In addition, the Park’s Water Works is one of the best aquatic facilities in the area.

In the winter, the park is also home to the city’s newest sled hill, a fun way to spend the afternoon with the family.

The park’s name-brand health and fitness center is the place to be for a plethora of group fitness and exercise programs, along with an indoor pool. In the words of the Parks and Recreation Department, it’s a “dazzler”. There are several membership levels to choose from. The most popular include senior, student, and family memberships. A wide variety of classes are available weekly and daily, ranging from group billiards to yoga to water aerobics. Discover More about Elgin here.


Located just west of Historic Woodstock Square, Emricson Park is the heart of Woodstock’s largest recreation area. The park’s main features include a public outdoor pool (Woodstock Water Works, north end of the park), playgrounds for various ages, and extensive trails.

The nearby Pleasant Valley Conservation Area is home to more than 270 plant species, including 13 that are rare, as well as foxes, hawks, salamanders, deer, and turtles. A wetland area that has never been cultivated is also featured, as are the preserve’s a prairie and grand oak woodlands.

There are many fun and free activities to take part in at Emricson Park, as well as a July 4th fireworks show! You can also enjoy a picnic, visit the museum or just stroll along the paved trail.

There is also a weekly Saturday morning market in the Historic Woodstock Square, featuring more than 350 vendors selling everything from farm-raised meats and produce to craft beer, sauces/marinades, baked goods, handicrafts, artisan confectionery, and much more. This is a producers’ only market so you know you are buying directly from the grower or maker.


The City of Woodstock has an impressive array of parking options. From the 2-hour spaces to the 24-hour lot, you’re sure to find a spot to suit your needs. The City of Woodstock also boasts a pedestrian mall, which houses an exclusive selection of retailers. The mall is anchored by the Emricson Park shopping center. Lastly, the City offers a variety of public transportation options including Metra and Pace. The City of Woodstock is the largest municipal government in the state of Illinois and has a population of just over 94,000 residents. To learn more about all that Woodstock has to offer, please visit the City of Woodstock website or call us at 815-345-2300. The staff is more than happy to help you plan your visit. The best way to get started is to check out our interactive maps. The interactive maps display a number of informational panels to help you navigate the city in style. Check our next area of interest here.



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